Mistake #3 (of 4) Keeping You From Your Dream Career

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You know what you hate, don’t want, and won’t tolerate at work. Now how do you find a better job and career path, that you know is right? Here’s how.

MISTAKE #3: You are focused on JUST GETTING OUT OF THERE!!

You don’t care what you do next, you just can’t stay here.

It makes no difference, you just need to make the same amount of money, and find a place without those people who are making your life a living Hell!

Yet, you can’t seem to find anything else. Definitely not a place that will pay you more.

Focusing on what you don’t want, just brings more of it.

Plus, you are missing out on the Absolute Key to getting your dream career.

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Focus on what you Actually Want.

Yes, you want out.

And, where do you want to go?

How do you actually want to spend your time?

Get specific and then you will know exactly what to focus on, pay attention to, and notice around you.


Take 3 deep breaths. (Really do it, it makes this exercise more powerful.)

Fill in the blanks:

1. When I go to work, in my dream career, I will feel ______.
2. I would absolutely love to work in a company that has _____ other employees.
3. Instead of my current workstation, my dream workstation actually looks like _______.
4. I would smile the most, every single day, if I could just _______.

Now read back through those answers. Really read them and feel your answers. What comes up for you?

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If you feel the fear of answering these questions, remember, you aren’t doing anything, except listening to yourself.

Keep your answers private if you want.
And keep them truthful.
Take another breath.

Answer these same questions again in 10 minutes.
What comes up now?

(Could you use some help answering these questions? A career coach can help.)

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