How did you get here?

Knowing what career you are absolutely meant for, the one that life has been getting you ready for, but is still elusive … it doesn’t have to be a secret from you any longer.

You work hard and want to make a difference. Yet, your jobs are just not the right fit. You know there is more out there, but are struggling to find out what you are really meant to be doing. 

  • You picked an amazing major — but you can’t find a job that puts your degree to use.
  • You’re making money — but you’re exhausted by all the struggles and worries about having enough.
  • You want to transition jobs — but your heart is dying each day that you don’t know that next step.

You feel like there are no jobs out there where you can be creative and make a lot of money. 

I felt the same way. I understand since I’ve been there too. I used to work jobs that were a bad fit, where I couldn’t be my creative self, and where I was just barely making enough to pay the bills. I felt so stuck.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The vision

Through earning my doctorate in Applied Developmental Psychology, completing Life Coaching training through the Martha Beck Institute (Martha is Oprah’s Life Coach), and getting certified through New Skills Academy, I’ve worked my butt off making sure that I share the most research-based, results-driven, and up to date information with each and every one of my clients.

I (and a bunch of other really smart people) have figured out the formula that leads to productive and healthy thinking paired with industry-standard and customizable tools to help you

  • identify your passions
  • understand your unique career genius
  • learn how to combine your interests into a career that feels amazing and makes you plenty of money.

This is why I created Job Burnout Life Coaching, so no one ever has to be stuck in a boring, painful, or bad-fit career path. 

I decided to help others find the career path they were meant for so they can finally live their lives with joy … and money!

I help people reveal what has been inside the whole time. 

I help through coaching online, one to one, so you can know exactly what is right for you. 

How did I get here?

I had a string of jobs and schooling that I thought would lead me to all the things I had pictured in a “great life.”

I went to school for a long time, picked programs that sounded amazing, and then I couldn’t find jobs in the field I wanted. (Well, I could, except then I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent.)

I was angry a lot. I was exhausted ALL THE TIME! I wasn’t able to recognize myself any longer. 

After one particularly draining meeting where I finally realized that I (and everyone else I worked with) was 100% replaceable, I knew something needed to change.

I realized I actually already knew what I wanted to do with my life, I was just too afraid to admit it.

See, I always knew I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, to bring happiness, to help people laugh more, and to help people move forward. But, I was worried I could never make enough money if I didn’t follow the traditional path.

I sought resource after resource to get myself out of a toxic and painful situation, to develop a career and life that I know I am meant for.

I learned who the REAL ME is! And how to not worry so much about what “others” might think of my career choices.

Her positive and excited mindset helps motivate me to achieve success in following my passion I would highly recommend working with her.

— Leslie

Our commitment

I became an expert in job burnout through living it, time and time again. And also getting out. I am no longer wasting my day being a people-pleaser. No more meetings that should have been an email. I live authentically and don’t have to curse under my breath anymore. 

Career coaching allows me to support job seekers in their own transformation while sharing the tools to help people understand their “Meant-For Career” quickly. 

four sunflowers in bloom on teal surface

Through schooling, coaching, living-it-to-give-it, and years of research, I’m 100% confident in what contributes to burnout and how to relieve it. 

My unique combo of professional and personal experience sets me apart from other resume and cover letter coaches.

My focus is to start at the beginning. Not to simply get you the same job again, but a job that lights you up.

I never want someone to think they are destined to work awful jobs for the rest of their lives.

I help you feel 

  • Enlightened into what you are meant to be doing.
  • Free of the worries of making enough money.
  • Certain what you want to be doing in your life.

When I am not helping people find their dreams, I am probably teaching laughter yoga outside. I also spend a great amount of time playing with monster trucks and Hot Wheels with my little one. I get outside to hike and camp and watch water any chance I get. 

You don’t have to be stuck in a terrible job any longer.

I am so glad you are here.

It’s time that you take care of yourself. Let’s get you some help out of that terrible job and into a dream career.