What career path are you meant for?

This is for stressed-out employees, working hard, and who want to know what Career Path they were MEANT FOR!

Who want a Career that they LOVE!

Do these sound familiar?

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Stop trying to change your managers and coworkers.

Let’s focus on getting you Less Stressed and onto the Career Path you were Meant For!!

Job Burnout Life Coach

Your Dream Job Can Be Your Reality!

When you want to learn how to reduce your stress by getting to the root cause …

When you know it is time to change something, before you start knocking over desks …

When you need someone who has been there and knows what you are going through …

Get help in creating the most fulfilling work experiences and stop feeling so stressed.

I’m Erica Buchholz, an experienced Certified Coach who never wants you to feel stuck in a job again.

Having worked over 20 jobs, with countless annoying coworkers, confusing managers, and endless hours in meetings — I’ve gone through my share of career ups and downs.

Finally, I started to understand the themes across the jobs that were just not a great fit!

Once I unlocked my understanding of what causes job stress, I no longer dreaded going to work on Monday.

I want the same for you.

Stop feeling stuck in your job and stressed about job burnout. Reveal your Unique Career Path that will bring excessive happiness to your life.

With me, you’ll get

  • Calm and compassionate listener
  • Certified Coach who helps you through each of the steps of the Job Acquisition Process
  • Experienced employee of large and small companies
  • A Guide who only wants the best for you
  • Hilarious stories on workplace nonsense (as appropriate)