Mistake #2 (of 4) Keeping You From Your Dream Career

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Job boards are great – and terrible. Unless you do this essential step first. Want a new job? Start here and save your time for more effective things!


We have all done it before.

You want a new job, so you pull up Indeed, or Craigslist, or any of a million other job listing sites.

You type in your current job title and see what else is out there.

Then you feel incredible disappointment, start to question what you are doing with your life, and begin wondering if every company out there is awful.

Then you decide that staying where you are now is probably the best you are going to do.

Hey, at least you know the kind of terrible you are going to get at this job, right?!?


woman sitting in front of macbook

If you look for what you already have, you are going to get more of what you already have.

Yet, there is a simple (and less defeating) process out there. You simply have to start at the beginning.


Know what to look for.

Quickly, and without a lot of consideration, answer these questions. (Really do it!)

1. What are 3 companies with a mission that inspires you?

2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

3. If you had a magic wand, and everything in your life was absolutely perfect, how would you spend your time during the day?

4. What feelings came up when you answered these questions?

That is the feeling state you are searching for with your work.
Maybe you are searching for
– Joy
– Freedom
– Flexibility
– Impact
– Ease
– Excitement
– Abundance
– Wealth
– Openness
– Creativity, etc.

Instead of starting with a job board, start with companies that offer the feeling state you are searching for.


Write out the feeling state you are searching for.

Brainstorm companies that have a mission that is in line with that feeling state.

Do a Google search and look up the companies.
– What do they do?
– Who are the people that work for them?
– Do they have an open position?
– What other companies do they work with who have inspired missions?

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If you start to feel fear creeping in, don’t limit yourself. You are not committing to anything right now.

Look outside your town, your state, your country. Just get ideas and let the creativity start. If you are worried about something, remind yourself that you can worry about it tomorrow.

Today, you are just googling and it is going to be awesome!

Ready for practical steps to landing your next job?

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