Mistake #1 (of 4) Keeping You From Your Dream Career

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All you need is a bit of guidance … and to stop making the mistakes that are holding you back in your new job and career search. Here’s a simple fix!


You sit at home, at work, in the car.

You wonder,

“What am I supposed to be doing with my life? I know that I want to do something impactful and meaningful. Something that brings me joy. Something that doesn’t make me want to cry in the bathroom every day.”

You ask friends and family if they know of any open jobs.

Do they know any decent companies out there?

You ask, what do you think I should be doing?

Yet, focusing on “open jobs” or what others think you “should” be doing, isn’t going to move you any closer to your dream job.

Instead, you need to listen to those same people. But only after you have asked the right questions!!

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Get the information that you actually need.

You need to know what you are amazing at. The things that make you stand apart from others.

Your special gifts and amazingness.

It is often so easy to miss these.

The things you are amazing at — come easily to you. You think, “Oh everyone could do that.” But that is a lie. (A big-time lie!)

Do you know who doesn’t miss this?


Yes, it is true.
They can see your gifts.
Yet, if you don’t ask them about your gifts, they don’t tell you.

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Write the names of 7 people who know you pretty well.

Examples: Family (close and extended), Friends, Coworkers, Friends from class, Friends from the gym, Cashier you always talk with, Teachers, Neighbors, etc.

Now call or email each one and ask these questions.

I’m digging into discovering what makes me unique and I need your help to see what I might be blind to about myself. Can you answer these three questions?
Thank you in advance!!
1. When you think of me, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
2. What am I gifted at? What do you see as my biggest talents?
3. What makes me stand out from others? (What do I do better than anyone else you know?)


If you start to feel the fear of asking people these questions, then send the emails really quickly.

You are going to be incredibly surprised and delighted by the answers.

I just know it!!

Once you have your answers, use this checklist and follow the steps to land that new job.

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