What does your desk say today?

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For some reason, this new setup of items (all of which have been on my desk for months), seemed to speak to me today. I set these up this morning, and only now had some feelings about it.

I feel like I am Ernie, with a big ol’ drum, making my own way in my business. I’m the leader, I’m in charge. I love bright colors and being silly. I hate being told what to do and insist that my business should break the moulds.

Behind me is my coral. My mom brought this to me from a lovely place … like 20 years ago. It has always represented my connection to my family members, all of them, wanting them all to feel the peace of being in beautiful places.

Then we have my foundation rocks for building strong practices with my Self-Care coaching projects.

My Toby the Turtle is up front, like always.

He wants to go slow, to be diligent, to have a say.

My sweet anxiety turtle is very fearful.

He’s up front, maybe one day he won’t be.

But that is true for me right now. Anxiety shows up a lot.

I keep giving him snacks and tell him to rest, and remind him he doesn’t get to make choices for me, and I love him, and that we are all okay here.

He stands next to my Pyrite, my money attractor. He knows money is coming, which can be scary and exciting. I remind him that the more money we have come in, the more snacks he can have. This makes Toby smile.

My abundance bracelet reminds me that money comes and money goes (like Ludacris says in the “Champion” song by Carrie Underwood), that life is a circle, time isn’t actually real, and that my worries, struggles, challenges — will all come and go too. Things are fluid and that is fine.

All of this sits on a glass plate … that I made … even though I had lots of thoughts about how I wasn’t good enough to make it, it woudn’t be good, no one would like it (blah blah). But I did it anyway. And I love it. And my business is the same. I have the same thoughts, but I am doing it anyway. And I love it.

Having honed my coaching skills, I can do these metaphor tools with myself and get incredible insights about what is going on for me, my business, and for my life as a whole.

It has been truly transformational.

Wayfinder coaches are really good at guiding people through this.

So, how about you?

What is around your life today that speaks to you?

What is it saying?

(Having a hard time hearing it, reach out, I’d love to walk you through it.)

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