What is a Resume, Really?

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Take a deep breath. Open your resume document and scan through what you have written.

Now, pick one position at a time, and think about what you actually enjoyed doing at the position.

What value did you bring to the company?

What value dod you bring to the customer?

What value did you get from being in this position?

Write that. Write a short recap of the actual value.

A resume is to show a hiring manager what you can bring to the role. Write the things you want to bring and the things you want to do again.

When you include the experiences, tasks, projects, the things that brought you joy –> you can actively find a role where you can experience those same feelings in your next position.

Are you having a hard time remembering the right experiences to add, or not sure how to word them? Not a problem.

This is an area I am really good at.

I love to help people craft the phrasing around experiences they enjoyed, so you can also get through the ATS, without sounded bland or repetitive.

Simply send me a message and we can take it from there.


You could have a whole new resume in an hour.


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