7 Self-Care Strategies To Land Your Dream Career

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It’s true, you really can get that dream career. AND, starting here, with these simple, straightforward self-care practices, is the fastest way to getting what you want. (I know this for sure!)

1.Hit Pause.

You’ve been busy, I know you have. Scrolling job boards, reading up on common interview questions, and generally stressing how you are ever going to hear back from hiring managers.

I invite you, at this moment, to simply hit pause. Know that for the next minute or so of reading this article, there is nothing you need to do, except read. You’re doing great.

2.Ask Why.

Truly ask yourself, why are you looking for a new job or new career? Maybe it is your boss or coworkers, maybe it is the money, maybe your role has changed a lot this past year. Now ask yourself the deeper question, “Why, really why do I want a change? What am I looking to get out of a new position? Why will this change my life for the better and why am I willing to work so hard to get it?”

Write, sketch, sing, or dance out your answer to “Why.” Then come back to it anytime you are feeling down or disenchanted by the job search process.

3.Intentionally smile.

Go ahead, right now, as you are reading this. Simply smirk just a little, raise one side of your lips, or go big and show some teeth. Physiologically you are changed by simply smiling. Your body reacts differently. Even if there is no external stimulus to make you smile, the simple act of smiling can change your perspective.

If you are feeling adventurous, add in a laugh. Intentionally laughing is good for 7 million things (google Laughter yoga if you haven’t heard of it). Commit to simply smiling before you click on an open job, before you research a company, before you hit send on your email pitch video.

4.Wiggle your toes.

What do they feel like? What about your legs? What about your belly? Chest? Arms? Forehead? What sensations are you experiencing?

If you haven’t done this in a while, just take a minute right now and breathe and see what your body feels like. Your body is constantly sending you messages. It is filled with helpful information.

The next time you read a job description, notice how your body reacts. Do your shoulders cave in and you find yourself leaning away from the screen? Then your body is telling you this is not the role for you, keep going. When you read a company mission, what does your body tell you? Are you sitting up straighter, smiling without realizing, got butterflies of excitement at the idea of working with such a team? Then send your pitch and celebrate.

5.Take a genuine break.

That can be 1 minute, 10 minutes, or a few days. Whatever you actually need to recharge, connect with your authentic self, and switch from dreading this job search to seeing it as a chance to find something really great out there.

This break can be scrolling social media, it can also be looking out a window, go for a walk, watch a fun animal video online, call someone supportive, research a job you would never want to do, find someone to cuddle, get some food, take a shower, light a candle, stretch … Do what feels right for you in this moment.


Breathe in while counting to 4. At the top of your breath, hold it for a count of 4. Breathe out slowly counting to 4. At the bottom of your breath, hold it for a count of 4. Repeat at least 3 times.

If it is comfortable, close your eyes and do this with your hand resting on your belly. Imagine feeling connected to the Earth, a part of something bigger. Do this as much as you need to calm anxiety, to re-center, to feel grounded. Your brain will thank you for the extra oxygen (I’m guessing you’ve been breathing pretty shallow lately).

7.Get support.

You do not need to go about your career search alone. And honestly, it always goes faster when you get support. Find people who really care about you and want the best for you. Find people in the industry you want to be in, ask for help, meet people (virtually is great).

Tell people what job you want to get. You never know who anyone else knows! (Hidden job market? Yes, please!) If you want to get results faster and with an expert at your side, consider hiring a coach. There are so many of us out there, ready to help you land a job that feels right for you. It is always easier than you are imagining. You’ve got this!

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