One Question to Ask at the Start of Your Job Search

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Interested in watching instead of reading? (If not, the text is below the video.)

It has finally happened!

Someone sent me a pitch video!

Let’s back up.

What is the most common method people use to find a new job?

They start with frustration at their current job situation. Maybe there was a bad meeting, a terse email, a “dressing down” from a boss.

So, they open up Indeed or LinkedIn or any of a number of job search sites. They type in their current job role. And begin to read job descriptions.

Shoulders started kind of low, and they just drop and drop and drop. As they read description after description of the same job, over and over. A job that hasn’t been feeling very exciting lately. Honestly, it’s been feeling draining.

My ask, for anyone starting a job search, it to ask themselves just one question.

“Do I want the same job again, or a different one?”

That’s all. Some people love the work they do, but the company is no longer a right fit.

Ok, so search for what you want.

Others don’t love the work they are doing, and need something new.

Ok, so search for what you want.

Can we talk about the way we search for jobs for a minute too?

Instead of feeling like you want a change –> and going directly to a job search site, I would suggest a different approach.

I want you to start with … you. And what you want.

It’s actually much simpler. Way faster. And a more aligned way to find your next job.

So ask yourself, how do I want to spend my work time? What roles and tasks do I want?

Then find companies where you can do that passionately.

Sooooo, back to the pitch that I received!

I opened my work email, and sitting inside was a short, very brief email, from someone who loves to work with coaches. He recorded a 2-minute video, with my own website as the background. (He used Loom if you are curious, we can talk more about that at another time.) Then he pitched himself.

He said who he was, what he loves to do and is great at, and why he loves working with coaches. He told me how he came across my site and offered a chance to talk, to see if we would be a great fit working together.

Simple. Easy.

And his email stood out amongst the other gazillion emails I get each day.

You can absolutely do this for the companies you want to work with.

  • And, it is going to make you stand out against compared to those applicants who sent a generic resume with the “easy Apply” button.
  • Plus, you saved yourself time of writing a cover letter.
  • And you didn’t spend hours combing through search sites.
  • You simply found a company you liked, with a mission that matches yours.
  • And you told them you are interested and can provide them value.

So try pitching.

Now … this is the wonderful part where our adorable brains come in, trying to protect us.

Saying things like, “Oh I could never do that” “I’ve never gotten a job that way before.” “Isn’t that going to bother a hiring manager?” “I’m not a strong enough candidate to do that.” “I don’t even know what Loom is!” and on and on.

Not to worry my sweet friend. That is where a coach can come in. To help you with your confidence, to teach you Loom, and to help you really identify where YOU want to work.

You can absolutely do this on your own. But if it is hard, you are too tired after work to make much progress, or you really need to get out of there … just schedule a free call with me. And we will get you moving on the right path.

So excited to hear from you!

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