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So often I hear, “There just aren’t any positions for me.”

I get it!
However, the “traditional” approach of finding a position, simply doesn’t work efficiently any more.

Things have changed, LinkedIn and Indeed used to be a super easy way to get in front of hiring managers.

But, when things are easy, TONS of people start to do the same thing.


Which means it is harder now to use this approach.

However, there is a simpler, faster, and better feeling approach that I recommended to every one of my clients (and honestly anyone who will have a 5-minute conversation with me).

When you start with what YOU want, and how YOU want to feel, and where YOU want to work —you realize there is a whole different work world out there.

Filled with companies doing amazing things.

With impactful missions.

And without toxic managers.

These are the companies that train people how to do their job, value growth and development, and pay you a salary that shows you are valued.

Get a job at one of those.

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