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I often suggest to job seekers to take a break from scrolling job boards, and instead start with companies that you would absolutely LOVE to work with, that have a mission or project that you would be excited to be a part of.

Sometimes then, especially if the job seeker has experienced burnout, it is really hard for them to come up with what kinds of companies are even out there.

They ask, “Where do I even start?”

#1. Scan the local companies around you.
#2. Pull up your bank statement, what are the top 15 companies that you purchase from that you really like?
#3. What kinds of entertainment do you like? Shows? Movies? Documentaries? Teachers/Guides?

Start exploring opportunities with any of those, who knows where it will take you.

For example, I love to watch Tiny House Nation with my son. I know that working on a project about Tiny Houses would be super cool for me. Now, the spatial aspects of measuring and lifting heavy items is not the part I would enjoy. But what about people who want to learn more about tiny houses? Well, I know A BUNCH about why they are so cool, some awesome communities that have been created, and there are a lot of organizations that support people looking into tiny houses and how it could actually work in their life.

So how does this translate to a job search??

I could look into:
✨Does Tiny House Nation have any jobs open? Maybe ones where I do writing for them.
✨What other Tiny house shows are there that I could explore? Maybe they could use my help.
✨What about tiny house builders? I bet some of them could use copywriting support.
✨How about magazines that are read by parents looking for info on how kids develop when living in a tiny house, maybe they have something I could contribute.
✨Did you know that in my state, having a tiny house is not an easy thing? Maybe there is policy work I could get into that would make it easier.
✨I am super passionate about supporting people who do not currently have a home. I could look into advocacy and support agencies on making more houses available for more people.
✨Is staying organized in a tiny home easy? I know lots of people who live in tiny homes consult with professional organizers to best use their space. Maybe those organizers could use help with marketing and locating families with children. I know a lot about each of those things.

There are a lot of areas I could go and explore to find potential places my skills could be used. I would Google, and go to company websites, and check out my network’s LinkedIn pages for connections to any of the above.

✨And this is just one area that I could explore.✨

Luckily, I like a lot of things. I can do this exercise with any of my interests.

And so can you.

What do you love?
What companies could be awesome to work with?

Let us know in the comments.

Let’s see who we know that could connect you to your next opportunity.

(Plus, this kind of job searching is fun – way better than scrolling job boards!)

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