Great question!

Life coaching is a unique field, filling with caring individuals, who love to help.

Coaches are guides. We don’t dispense wisdom, we don’t tell you how to live your life, and we are incredibly non-judgmental.

We want you to live your life to it’s fullest, doing the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Coaches see the sky as a limit, and know that is just the beginning. There is so much out there for you. We know how easy it is to get into a rut.

  • Job
  • Routine
  • Food
  • Workout
  • Life

I am a Martha Beck Trained Life Coach.

Familiar with Martha?

She’s written many wonderful books, been a regular contributor to O, The Oprah Magazine, is buddies with Deepak Chopra, and was considered to be the first Life Coach.

Following her work, along with The Work of Byron Katie, I will help guide you into understanding why you are so stressed.

We take stressful thoughts about your job, marriage, health, family, neighbor, cat, money, success, future, kids, life in general, etc.

Next we talk through how those thoughts are impacting you.

Then we come up with alternatives.

I also guide you to a deeper understanding of where your stressful thoughts come from.

A Life Coach can help in all areas of your life. And I would be happy to do so with you.

Schedule a free discovery call today. See how Life Coaching can improve your stress levels.