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Personalized Career Change Coaching 

50 minutes @ $179.00 

Are you uncertain about your career path? Looking to change jobs, yet feeling stuck? Discover, assess, and refocus towards new career options and meet with a coach for support and action planning!
* Discover job and career paths that are the right fit for you
* Identify your transferrable skills and how to present these for new opportunities
* Confidently express your strengths

Complete the Career Change Self-Reflection Tool prior to your 50-minute coaching session.

Career Coaching Session 

 50 minutes @ $150.00 

During this 50-minute session, you’ll be supported on the next step of your job search. Be guided on career re-entry, change, or transition.

* Explore successful tactics for your career search and what is getting in your way.
* Get answers to your specific job search and career questions.
* Your coach will partner and collaborate with you to offer strategic resources that empower you in your job search.

Career Coaching services are 100% confidential.

Resume Review & Coaching 

 50 minutes @ $218.00 

Send your resume for an overhaul to match your jobs of interest. Then meet with your coach for 50 minutes to discover the best way to present your resume to land your dream job.

* Effectively present employment gaps or breaks.
* Discover how to tailor your own resume for every application to highlight your qualifications.
* Avoid out-of-date or incorrect resume formats and content.
* Gain confidence in your experience and qualifications.
* Position yourself well for a career change or transition.

Mock Interview 

 50 minutes @ $175.00 

Practice interviewing with an expert career coach – calm your nerves, receive real-time feedback, and gain confidence in your job interview skills.

* Practice the questions you find most difficult to answer.
* Effectively discuss resume gaps, lay-offs, and other difficult situations.
* Get comfortable with the typical format and flow of job interviews.

50-minute Mock Interview session via Zoom with real-time feedback on all aspects of your performance: the content, tone, and even the visual setting.