People say “Just Quit Your Job!” … but you know there is much more to it than that.

You know that you’re unhappy with your job.

You want to know what career path you were meant for.

And quitting isn’t as easy as just saying:

“I’m out of here!” Tip the desk. Roll-on out.

What is holding you back?

  • Fear of making enough money?
  • Worries that your boss will slander your reputation?
  • What will your family say and think?
  • How will you be able to pay your bills?
  • What are you even meant to do?

You’ve tried!

You’ve tried to talk to your friends. You’ve tried to talk to your family. You’ve tried to talk to strangers on the bus. Pretty much anyone who will listen!!

Coworkers are sympathetic, but they don’t have the answers either. They’re just as stressed and upset as you are! No one’s happy.

But what if there was someone who actually did understand?

Someone who understands that—what you’re dealing with at work—it’s not for you.

You’re meant for more.

You don’t want to feel so much stress.

You want something different.

You are valuable!

I get it. I really do. I’ve been there. A few times!!

It’s terrible, hard, exhausting, draining to be in a role that is not a good fit anymore.

I don’t want anyone to go through that ever again!!!

I’m the Job Burnout Life Coach.

I work with people who want something to change.

My name is Erica.

Erica Buchholz. Job Burnout Life Coach

I’ve felt stuck. Really, really stuck.

I’m a Job Coach and that’s what I do. I help people who are looking for someone to listen. I help people hear their thoughts. We work out how they’re true. We discuss how to work with those thoughts going forward and what to do to start feeling happier.

Are you ready …

If your job doesn’t bring you much joy, then you are in the right place.

I help people who are unhappy in their current job. Ranging from mildly annoyed to full on burnout mode. I help guide you into understanding how your job thoughts are impacting your life.

A dream job can be your reality!!

Explore how life coaching can Change. Your. Life.

“I loved coaching with Erica and it is life changing! Erica’s coaching style is so compassionate yet powerful which helped me have the courage to dive deep into the painful thoughts that were holding me back from leading and attracting my best life. Thank you Erica your coaching is a gift to the planet!”

Allison Kurt