How did it get like this?

You had dreams of a job where you get things done, make a difference, make a bunch of money.

  • You work hard — but your work no longer feels meaningful.
  • You studied and learned — but you can’t find a good job that puts your training to use.
  • You manage to get to work each morning — but it takes every ounce of willpower you have.
  • You’re making money — but you’re exhausted by all the struggles and worries about having enough money.
  • You have asked around — but no one is able to help you find a job.
  • You want to transition jobs — but your heart is dying each day that you don’t know that next step. 

You can have the dream job. You have more to offer. It’s time to discover it. No more waiting or struggling.

I totally get it. My clients have been there. I have I’ve been there.

I have had the “regular jobs,” the 9-5. I had a “good job” … because it paid the bills.

I put on a happy face for the world when inside I felt like I was crumbling.

I struggled with finding a career path that felt fulfilling until I discovered the actual steps you need to take that change everything about the career search process.

Here is what your life is about to look like:

  • You are finally enjoying your career because your meaningful work is making a difference.
  • You slide out of bed in the morning (the first time your alarm goes off) because you’re looking forward to the day and filled with gratitude.
  • You feel genuinely happy when asked for advice on how you followed your dreams and still make plenty of money.
  • You have moved forward with your life and your career is thriving!
  • You’re focused on a meaningful future and you LOVE YOUR LIFE right now. 

“A few calls with Erica helped me to start thinking VERY differently about things that had been holding me back, especially with productivity and how I see myself and what I value.”

Nichole Smith | PA

Career Path Clarity Coaching

  • Weekly coaching sessions –> Replaces thoughts holding you back
  • Step-by-step action –> Always have a clear, manageable plan of action
  • Accountability –> Constantly moving forward into the career you love
  • Resume and Cover Letter –> Highlighting skills and standing out amongst other applicants
  • Interview Preparation –> Overwhelmingly confident in interviews
  • Salary Negotiation –> Abundance approach to salary and benefits

Say goodbye to work that is unfulfilling and worries about making enough money because your new life is waiting!

Here’s what you get:

  1. Private 50-minute coaching calls. You’re not doing this alone.
  2. Mindset Coaching diving deep into how you actually want to spend time.
  3. Personalized sessions to QUICKLY figure out what you are meant to do.
  4. Emotional compassing that turns making career decisions EASY (for real!).
  5. Real talk on money to embrace financial abundance.
  6. Email support to help you design a career you love.
  7. Resume review, writing support, and updates to stand out in your search.
  8. Interview practice for complete confidence in all meetings.

Schedule your free, consult call (at a time that is super convenient for you) so I can answer your questions. 

I was looking for a new career path, I needed a big change in my life and Erica supported and informed me every step of the way. She is an amazing listener and catered her coaching techniques to my needs. Her sense of empathy and compassion combined with her professional experience, knowledge and wherewithal were paramount in my own development. She not only provided encouragement and suggestions but also resources and guidance to help me discover what I needed to move forward. And it was a success! I now have a job and a career path with other prospects on the horizon. It is all thanks to to the coaching I received from Erica Buchholz. Highly recommend!

Nathan K. | NY

“Erica’s coaching style is so compassionate yet powerful which helped me have the courage to dive deep into the painful thoughts that were holding me back from leading and attracting my best life.”

Allison Kurt | Boston, MA

🔹“What if I don’t have the time for the sessions?”🔹

I understand! Life feels really busy, you are exhausted after working all day. You head home and are still thinking about the workday. It truly can wipe you out!

I’ve been there. And I also know that I stayed in jobs for over a YEAR longer than I needed to.

Making the decision to leave a job can be easy or fraught with worry.

What if I can’t make enough money?

What if I can’t get another job?

Am I going to become a “bag lady”?

We stay in this place of fear because it protects us from failure.

You can stay in this place of fear, continuing to work your job and be uncertain about money.

Or, you can try to mix it up a little.

The sessions are 50 minutes. We can use your lunch break (I don’t mind if you are chewing while we are talking).

You can hang in your car in the driveway while the spouse watches the kids.

We can talk even before you head to work in the morning.

After the sessions, you will have the confidence to know that you can earn plenty of money.

We will discover together that there are tons of jobs out there, and even jobs that you will absolutely love!

You are skilled, you are a hard worker, and there will always be a job out there for you that you love.

We all have the fear of failure … until a coach helps us see that fear for what it is

🔹”I’ve already worked with someone else on this and didn’t get anywhere. Why is this different?“🔹

I don’t take a “traditional career coach” approach of tidying up a resume and writing the perfect cover letter.

Because you aren’t ready for those steps yet.

Sure, you can make your resume look perfect and copy the best cover letter sample out there, but if you are applying to the same kinds of jobs that you are in now, they are going to be just as disappointing.

Let’s actually start with where you want to go, before we take steps on that path.

It’s like a road map. You can start walking and applying aimlessly.

Or, you can figure out where you want to go, where you were destined to work, then make a plan.

Later, you can craft your resume to the career of your dreams.

We focus on mindset.

The root of the problems.

We do not work on surface-level issues here.

Let’s actually get to why you are stuck.

Let’s free you up.

And let’s get you that life your 9-year-old self would be proud of!

🔹“What if a “dream career”  is not meant for me & I’m destined to work with awful bosses and coworkers?”🔹

You’re not.

(Too simple? OK)

Those are what we call Limiting Beliefs. “I will never have what I want.” “I am not good enough.” “I am not worthy of happiness.”

Don’t worry, everyone has limiting beliefs.

And a coach (that’s me) is specially trained in how to free you from those beliefs that limit you.

The beliefs that are keeping you stuck and out of the career you are destined for.

It doesn’t take any surgical tools to remove these limiting beliefs.

It is actually quite simple.

I am going to ask you some questions.

Ones that maybe no one has asked you before.

And we will talk through how these thoughts are helping you, or hurting you.

This process actually helps create new neural pathways in the brain that make the limiting beliefs less likely to come into your mind next time.

While also supplying you with new, truer beliefs that will empower you and enhance confidence in yourself and boost self-esteem.

🔹“I don’t know anyone who is actually making money by doing what they love. Why are you so confident?”🔹

(This is another one of those limiting beliefs.)

Let’s see, what are some jobs that people love to do?

What is a job that you think you would love to do?

Got it?

Okay, now think of someone famous who is making money at what they love to do.

Are they making just some money, enough to pay the bills?


They are making a ridiculous amount of money, and are absolutely loving it!!!

So I know it is possible, and even quite enjoyable.

“Ok Erica, but you are talking about people who are really lucky. That can’t be me.”
(Another limiting belief right there.)

Why can’t it be you?

Really, why can’t it be you?

We know you are a hard worker, someone who understands how to work a job, someone with passions (maybe you have forgotten them lately — it’s ok, I can help with that).

I am so confident because I see it happening all the time.

I am a few steps ahead of you.

I am surrounded by people who make their dreams come true.

Who work for themselves.

Who love their career.

Who are changing lives and loving how they are doing it.

It is only a matter of time until you can see it too.

You can speed it up and get the same results as these incredible people.

🔹“How in the world can I actually figure out what to do with my life in just a few sessions?”🔹

**Spoiler alert — I’m pretty sure you actually already know what you want to do with your life.
Really. I do.

I just also think that our mind hides this information from us to keep us safe and protect us.

When a person takes a risk, their mind says, “Whoa!! What are you doing? You’re gonna get us killed!”

It is doing the job of keeping us safe.

So sure, you can be “safe” in your current job …

And you will definitely not be thriving.

A great coach will help you hear what your mind is saying, then also listen to your emotions, body, and rational mind when making a decision.

You don’t have to make all of your decisions out of fear (which is ultimately keeping you stuck).

I’ll help you plan out steps to take, that won’t feel so scary to your mind and will be empowering you towards that career you are destined for.

🔹“I don’t think my spouse would support me in changing jobs, what should I do?”🔹

Have you talked about it together yet?

Also, this could be true.

Your spouse might not support you.

Especially if you are just going to switch to another job that is the same, that makes you feel bad, and only lets your spouse see your tired, unhappy, and moody side.

But take a moment to imagine knowing what you are meant to do.

Then tell your spouse that you have finally figured out what you want to do with your life.

How is your energy different?

What if you could also tell your spouse you have small steps that you can take to get there, that will not jeopardize your financial stability?

How does that feel?

You can feel more free about the decision to change jobs.

Let’s talk about your specific situation on our consult call.

🔹“All I care about is making more money, is this program for me?”🔹

Well, honestly, probably not.

If you have a great career, you feel settled on your path, and simply want your boss to give you a raise … well, talk to your boss.

See how that goes.

If you don’t want to show up to our calls, ready to talk about what is getting you stuck.

If you think you are unable to set aside 50 minutes.

If you think talking about feelings is for wimps.

Then no, please do not sign up.

I work with people who want to get out of their current situation.

And who know there is more out there.

People who want to know what they were meant to do and want to live a happy life … while ALSO making plenty of money.

Her positive and excited mindset helps motivate me to achieve success in following my passion. I would highly recommend working with her.

Leslie H. | OH